Monday, 2 January 2012

Guest Designing at ICR

Hi everyone!!

Wish you all a very very  Happy New Year!!I´m back after spending a week in beautiful sunny Canary islands.
My first post for this year and I´m so excited to share that I have been invited as a Guest Designer at ICR( Indian Craft Room) as I was one of the Top 3 in ICR12.
To play at ICR this month you can create a card for any ocassion, any colour combo you want but with a twist that it has to be clean, simple with lot of open space and can be easily mass produced.

I came up with this quick and easy card.

I have used marbling technique directly on the card blank.In order to clearly define the focal point and the open space I did masking on the top and bottom of the card.
Keeping up my promise with Tejal I have tried to come up with the tutorial.

For marbling on paper you require your choice of 3 to 4 marbling colours,Plastic box/ Tray, Water,Paper or card blank.
For this card I have used Gold, Magenta and Ruby Red  from C.Kreul.You can use any brand available in your area.
Photos are not very clear because weather here is very gloomy :(

Fill a deep tray with water

Drop paint onto the surface of the water

 Rake into patterns. Eg.I added few golden paint drops and when it got spread I added Magenta in the centre and then Red.You can create any way you want.

I just wanted a marbling band in the middle of the card blank so I covered the rest of the space using "post  it" This was a challenge for me to do direct on the card blank because I normally do marbeling on white paper to create my own patterned paper.

Then dip a sheet of Paper / Card blank  into the tray and take it out immediately when you are sure that paper and marble paint on the water are in contact .

Allow the marble patterns to dry and then take out the post it .Simple isn´t it?

I added some heart embellishments and sentiments.

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to hear comments on it since it was my first try to make the tutorial.
Thanks Tejal for all your encouragement.
I´m also entering this card in this week´s Wee Memories challenge to use any new technique or anything new.
I did masking along with marbling and this was new for me to try.



  1. So beautiful and your tutorial is very good too.

  2. OMG!! This is so so awesome!!! Absolutely simple but as you say its a challenge to do it straight on the card...It looks amazing!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!

    p.s. When you said marbling, I was imagining marbles rolling around in a box!! :D

  3. A quick question...the colors - are they specific for this technique or can you use poster paints or need they be acrylic paints? That's going to be the most common query..hence asking.

  4. Awesome Archana and COngrats on your DT post
    Wish you a Happy and Creative New Year

  5. Thanks all.@ Tejal: I use Hobby line magic marble colours and they are used for this technique only.I´m not sure about poster paints but I guess any colour which can float on water(oil based)can be used.
    here is the link of colours i use:

  6. Thats really pretty. I too was familiar with this technique but never tried. Will try now with help of ur tutorial.

  7. Archana, that's SUCH A BEAUTIFUL card! I love love love it! Thanks for such a wonderful inspiration! :)

  8. Wow! This is stunning. i wasn't familiar with marbling, so thats so much for sharing. Thanks for playing at Wee Memories this week!

  9. Stunning!! easy and beautiful technique!! lovely Archana!

  10. super like this one....archana u reminded me of this technique...we once did it in school .....dont know how this slipped from my mind....thanks a ton dear ....u have made me nostalgic!!!!

  11. Thanks Archana for sharing such a nice tutorial. This technique is completely new to me. It looks simple yet great result. I'll surely try this.

  12. love your tutorial. I have to try it.

  13. Lovely technique Archana!! The result is very nice! At the first glance I thought it is a patterned paper. Thanks for sharing.

  14. thanks for tutorial.lovely.........

  15. thanks for sharing this idea... i tried it as well and it works great......

  16. Extremely splendid creation....will surely give it a try :)!!