Friday, 16 August 2019


Hello Friends,

Today I'm here to share a handmade necklace, which I made few months back.

Once I finalised the design , I started by making the embroidery on the cotton cloth. I then drew the bee on the cloth and did a simple stitch and chain stitch using a few beads for the wings and eyes.

When I was done with the embroidery part , I took the mini embroidery hoop and placed it on the stitched piece.This mini hoop has a center plate. I placed the design on the center plate and then placed the miniature hoop on top. I pushed it down to secure the cloth and  added the back plate using craft glue and hot glue gun.

When I was done with the pendent , I started making a matching crochet necklace to go with the bee embroidery. For that I picked a slightly golden honey color synthetic thread and beads in shade of bee color ( shades of yellow and black) . I used chain crochet stitch and beads . I wanted to have 8 strands together on both sides. For that I did an approximate 4 meter crochet chain.

The last  part was getting all the pieces together, and for that I used a thin gold wire, tiger tail wire and seed beads . Lastly I added a clasp and was done!!

Hope you like my work.

Thanks for stopping by!!



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  1. Wow this looks stunning. Beautiful done Archana.
    Greetings Miranda